Monday, May 25th

10:15 am

Memorial Day Parade

Walk in parade behind the Veterans and Boy Scouts.  Meet at the Legion at 10:15.  Parade starts at 10:30am.  Scouts walk to cemetery.  Meet your child at the cemetery at 11:00 to watch the Memorial Ceremony.

July 4th & 5th

(Saturday – Sunday)

Chippewa Valley Air Show

Head to Eau Claire to see the Blue Angels and other aircraft in the skies.  Walk around and see many exhibits and plenty of airplanes, both military and civilian.  A great family outing.

Weds, July 8th

6:30 PM

Recycling Area Clean-up

Bring your brooms and gloves, and help clean up the recycling area after the busy July 4th weekend.

July 19th – July 21st

(Sun – Tues)

Cub Scout Camp

Meet at the Legion in Cumberland at 9:00 a.m. to drive over as a group.  For parents not going to camp, you can either drive over with your scout or send your scout with one of the others driving over.  Please arrive to pick up your child at Cub World by 10:00 am  on Tuesday, July 21st.

Monday, August 3rd

6:00 PM

Leader/Committee Meeting, 6:00pm

Join us for a picnic and discuss the upcoming scout year’s activities.  This is a great time to get together after the busy summer and start thinking about the next year’s activities.

Friday, August 14th thru Sat morning, Aug 15th

Camping at Scoutland

Join us for a night of camping at Scoutland.  Bring a tent (if you don’t have one, the Pack has 2 brand new tents that we would love to have you use), and sleeping bags.  We will have a group cookout around a campfire, and then enjoy a night out in the woods.  There are 2 sleeping cabins as well if you would prefer to have real walls.

October 2nd & 3rd

(Friday – Saturday)

Louie’s Brat Stand

Earn money for the pack and money for your scout to attend camp.  This is generally a huge fundraiser for the Scouts, so please try to help out and work a shift selling brats and hotdogs.